Friday, February 11, 2011


He doesn't know the extent to which I love him. He has given me everything I've wanted and needed. He makes my life run on the right road, because with makes more sense and will only get better. We went through a lot in a variety of situations...but of course just end up benefiting our relationship. I significantly remember trouble-some situations which really kill me to the bone...but I feel that our tears and anxieties make us stronger because we've been through something...and I've learned from them. I've also learned from him...he is honestly, such a good person. He is so generous and friendly. He's aiming high and I commend him for that.
Although, one of the most amazing things about him is that he motivates me and keeps me going. With me gone...I just want to hear him say "Come back..." or "You can always come home if it's hard"...but I don't...and I'm not saying it's a bad's amazing that he can miss me immensely but still keep me grounded and stay supportive while I'm away...because it's my future and it's my dream. I am so glad of this...and all the time, I feel like...I just want to come home...but he tells me its going to be ok and that everything will get better. He knows me well.

I feel that God is testing us and is challenging us with me gone for a while. It's hard, but nothings ever perfect. Things happen, and this only makes us more special. This long distance thing is super hard, but I don't want to lose him. And it's not the feeling like...I feel like I won't meet anyone else. It's when you don't want to look at anybody else but him.

I love him and I hope he reads this.

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