Monday, December 27, 2010

young love.

So this guy named Tim Bean. You Jim Bean? Hes my poop, bub, pooey, baby, babe & all that.
It's currently 12:16 am on the 28th of December & its officially three months. Hi Tim, if you're reading this.
I just want to be heaps corny right now, like...Alfi corny.
We've had sideline troubles & sometimes still go through that. But what are relationships without those falls? So I thank you for being so sweet and understanding.
I'm also so happy that you actually met my crazy, old, freaky parents which is a huge step for me. So I'm so glad that they approve of you.

I love our weekly adventures to place like Newtown.
I love our sweet lunches after starving at your place.
I love making shop people smile & laugh because of our awesome-ness.
I love your goodnight text messages.
I love going to the swings with you.
I love tickling you on the knees.
I love ticking you with my head.
I love your gayness.
I love seeing you everyday of my week.
I love our fast walks in public that end up in me running.
Happy 3 months Tim.
I love you.

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