Monday, December 27, 2010

I had a great Christmas.

 sweet sweet sweet things! & thats called chocolate.

And not only chocolate but my most favorite babens ever. 
Christmas, I was spoiled & fed. I had a blast with the babens & all the family who enjoyed food, children, singing, smokes and dancing. I could say that one of the best parts was doing karaoke with all the friends and family. I was so totally shocked to see my brother rock it hard out because no one in my household has actually seen him act that way. Much laughs & many voices lost.

My dear Win got me a huge frame that consists of three baby photos of her, Marisa & myself. It was epic-ly sweet! I officially have two frames to take with me to Perth and my only worries are where to hang them if I cant make holes in the walls lol. Christmas night, Win, being the only one who didn't stay over, left the rest of us to decide to climb my roof at 2 am. It was extremely scary although there was a huge adrenalin rush!
Only Alfi and I got to the top while Marisa hung off the ladder because of Alfi the squealer who just wanted to get down. But from what I saw up top, it was completely beautiful and relaxing. It will happen perfectly the second time. I know it!

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