Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The flowers I bought.

These flowers were such a miracle to find. Tim & I found them at the dollar shop in Newtown. After searching each aisle for a packet of tissues...we ran into this collection of long stringed flowers perfect for headbands. Thank gosh they were super cheap as well. This is just an example of how lucky you can actually get at some really random dollar shops. 
Other news. Today...NSW received their ATAR marks. To some, it determines their 'whole' life (which I can't completely agree with). To be honest, a lot of people (from my school specifically) did pretty well. The marks are pretty consistent and I'm so proud of us. Having seen the marks and being pretty pleased with them kinda makes me realise how much stress was wasted, although I feel that the reason why I don't really care about it all is because I've known where I might possibly be going while everyone else is half way there. So if I had a piece of advice for the future HSC's to relax & sip on tea.
If I see a light flashing could this mean that I'm coming home

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