Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The adventures of Tim & Listy

Our splendid adventures through the ruthless & dangerous streets of Newtown consisted of discovering great street art in the blistering hot sun. Having cramps and the hives all day really brought me down but all the contents of this day just brought me right back up again. Going on Monday, Tim & I, decided to take only one day off from this high-on-life city. So we came back today & will probably become regulars. Oily fries, a digital camera, a disposable camera & chocolate mouse is also something I might like to add to this post. 
I also went to the Physio today & I'd just like to say that I'm still quite the same and am completely disappointed at myself for letting me get this way. I am now totally taped up. Literally from ankle the bum! It's honestly quite uncomfortable and awkward when I can't exactly put my shoes on because my bums taped in which restricting the skin from stretching. Boo.
The awkward moment when a dollar shop is selling for $10.
So today NSW Board of Studies students 2010 received their HSC marks...and I am glad to know that practically everyone is happy and surprised that they did better than expected. That also includes me. Waking up to the text message and seeing all the 2 digit numbers start with 8...I was a bit stunned & still think its a hoax. Although I am happy...I am still extremely worried about how my ATAR mark will turn out. In the end...all I need & want right now is that formal acceptance just so that 1) I can actually boast & be certain of my path. 2) So that I don't have to be so paranoid about it 3) So I can really prepare.
I am also pleased to report my first official offering at Queensland. Glad to know I have a secure place to go.

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